Rep. Pittman Introduces Legislative Agenda for the 2024 Session


OKLAHOMA CITY – Recently, Representative Ajay Pittman, D-Oklahoma City, unveiled a series of House Bills aimed at addressing critical issues and promoting positive change in Oklahoma.  Rep. Pittman is championing legislation that will have a lasting impact on various aspects of life in her district and the state.

Among the bills introduced is HB3836, which seeks to address the problem of unaddressed trauma in children by proposing the implementation of the “Handle With Care Oklahoma” (HWC Oklahoma) program. This program aims to enhance communication and partnerships between law enforcement, mental health services, and schools to support children who have been exposed to traumatic events. If enacted, HWC Oklahoma will provide the necessary interventions and support to ensure these children succeed in their education.

Another important bill, HB3837 seeks to extend eligibility for the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program to children with incarcerated parents. It is designed to provide scholarships to students with disabilities. This bill will ensure that children who meet the criteria, receive the necessary educational support and additional opportunities for success.

HB3838 focuses on preserving tribal history and relationships by establishing the Office of Tribal Relations within the Oklahoma Historical Society. This office will gather, preserve, and maintain records and agreements, between tribal governments and the state, to promote understanding of the rich cultural heritage and ensure accessibility to the public.

In an effort to improve maternal health outcomes, HB3839 introduces various provisions to provide bonuses for high-risk birth operating room teams and healthcare providers. This bill also seeks to emphasize the importance of addressing the need to find solutions for the alarming maternal health and infant mortality rates among ethnic populations in the state.

Other bills introduced by Pittman include HB3840, which establishes the Governor’s Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives to foster collaboration between the government and faith-based organizations, and HB3841, which mandates infertility insurance coverage and equitable treatment options for individuals and couples.

In Addition, Rep. Pittman has introduced HB3842, which requires state agencies to analyze their performance, efficiencies, and response times, and HB3843, which introduces amendments to the Oklahoma Cosmetology and Barbering Act to ensure quality education and fair compensation for students.

These bills reflect Pittman’s commitment to address many key issues faced by the people of Oklahoma and strive for positive change. As the legislative session moves forward, Pittman looks forward to working with House and Senate lawmakers, community leaders, and stakeholders to advance these important initiatives and send them to the Governor’s desk.

For more information or media inquiries please contact Rep. Pittman’s office at (405) 557-7393 or email


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