Metro Tech Grant to Advance Fitness Programs


“It was a great time attending Adventourous Afternoons watching Charissa teach a wonderful dance class that many women from our community were able to enjoy. Congratulations Metro Tech on a job well done implementing vital programs with the new funding. Thank you to the Oklahoma City Foundation, a House District 99 organization that does great work in our community.” – Rep. Ajay Pittman 

For a list of other activities see the full article here.


From left, MetroFIT Line Dance Instructor Charissa Milton, OKC Adventure District Executive Director Brittani Hunter, state Rep. Ajay Pittman, and Metro Tech Community Outreach and Wellness Department Specialist Rhonda Wright stand together during a recent “Adventurous Afternoons” event held at True Sky Credit Union in preparation of the new Metro Tech Family Fitness Program to launch in the OKC Adventure District. 

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